Monday, April 13, 2015

Seriously Though

It has been a bad couple of weeks, and I'm not even kidding you. While we had a wonderful week last week, small, insignificant molehills have all added up to one big mountain today. I mean, I'm not like Job or anything, but if something can go wrong lately, then it most certainly will. Like my husbands car battery mysteriously dying right as we were loaded up to head out of town. Or getting out of the car on Sunday morning, body moving in a forward, getting-out-of-the-car motion, shirt staying stuck to the drivers-side seat back. Because of gum. Gum that was stuck to my seat and my shirt. (I don't know. Don't ask.)  Or this. Me opening my front screen door today, only to have the heavy wooden one get caught in the cross-breeze and slam. On my hand. Which was resting on the doorframe. Yeah. Ouch.

Where is my Baymax when I need him?

To further my frustrations, my internet is out. And after two hours this morning and an additional hour this afternoon, all anyone can tell me is that my Ethernet cord might be bad and maybe I should go buy a new one. Because they are crazy cheap so why not. 

Seriously though.

So here I am typing on a 2x5 inch screen, hoping a new Ethernet cord will solve the worlds problems and clean my house and make my kids do their homework, because there is now no more time in the day to accomplish any of that. That time belongs to Apple now. Along with $29 from my wallet. 

However. I do not enjoy the company of glass-half-empty people, and I have promised myself about 1,000 times lately that I will see the silver lining despite these annoying little frustrations that just seem to keep happening. I see no point in being negative, although this vent session has helped immensely. 

So instead of seeing only problems, I am choosing to put on a different pair of lenses. They aren't always rose-colored, but they do help me see that small issues are just that--small--and that life is so much more beautiful than getting caught up in the minor stuff. 

And on that note, I hear much commotion coming from the basement area, presumably from some kids and their friends who are having issues. 

Kids, prepare yourselves. You're in for a talk youll hopefully never forget. Now first of all, let's take off our Negativity Hats and put on our Big Girl and Big Boy Britches...

Seriously though. 

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