Monday, July 6, 2015

Chalk Paint Lamps

Taking a little break from the norm. Mondays sometimes call for that.

Y'all know I like projects, right? These lamp renos have been such a hit (with me, honestly, I'm so proud of myself). Several people have been over and have asked how I painted them, so I thought I'd share on le blog today.

Here's what the lamp looked like before:

Annie Sloan makes several different colors, but you can't custom mix. You'll also need either Annie Sloan Clear Wax or Dark Wax (I used both). I used Old Ochre, which is basically cream, and then I sealed the paint with the clear wax.

The first coat should be thin. You don't need much paint on your brush. (I don't use the Annie Sloan paint brush, although you could. This is just a normal brush from Lowe's.)

The first coat should be thin and cover the entire surface.

Here's what the first coat looks like when it's finished.

After the first coat is dry, go ahead and start with the second, which can be a little thicker. For this lamp, I actually added a third coat because I didn't want any of the dark brass showing through. 

After I sealed the entire piece using the clear wax (buff and buff and buff that piece), I used a little bit of dark wax to highlight certain areas of the lamp. I didn't want it to look too distressed, so I stuck with a tiny bit. You can always use more, depending on the look you're going for.

After it was all dry and buffed, I ran to Target and found a lampshade that would fit. I put this lamp on a desk I have in my upstairs hallway, where my kids can draw and do art projects. (And homework, but who's doing that? Nobody.)

Here's a different angle of the same area. That chalk board is also painted with chalk paint and rubbed with dark and clear wax.

And since this area is rarely clean, here's what you don't see: all the mess I gathered up and tossed on the floor, where IT STILL SITS. Sometimes I have to shake my head at my people.

I'm painting the boy's bathroom vanity today. Get yourselves ready for a major super-awesome reveal. Coming--but not anytime soon, superwoman doesn't live here no mo'.

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