Friday, July 10, 2015


I cleaned out my closet recently, going by the Marie Kondo theory from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up--if you touch it and feel it and don't love it, then don't keep it.

I wish this also applied to things like homework and laundry.

Anyhow, I bagged up a few of my most precious items that, in fact, I do still love but can no long squeeze into, and took them to Playto's Closet. "And can you even believe," I lamented to my husband later, "that they didn't even take a single piece?????" This offends me.

That they didn't absolutely love my clothes and buy the entire bag escapes me. It defies logic. That pink dress? Adorable. Those black pants? Sexy. Those jeans? Hot. (Okay, I'll give on the jeans. They could be a notch down from hot.) "And if I could," I wailed to my friend Margo, "I would even be wearing all those clothes.* TODAY."

*I would so not be wearing that pink dress today. There comes a point in every man and woman's life when they have to say "enough", because it looks like you are trying waaaaay way to hard to look young. And that's worse than looking your age. If you need me to help you determine if your closet needs a makeover, call my sister. I'm not your girl.

"Are you talking about the same pink dress you wore to my 10 year high school reunion?" He asked me like I should have known. (For him to remember that means I should have labeled that dress sexy, hot and adorable.) "Like 15 years ago?"

I have a distinct feeling I will not like where this conversation is heading.

You mean teenagers don't want to wear a dress that looked totally cute in the year 2000? Preposterous.

When did I turn into my grandma?

we never go out of style
{taylor swift}

I have a picture of that dress floating somewhere around this house, but since all my pictures are thrown into boxes at present, finding it presents a challenge. Plus, I'd like to just refer to my memory on how cute that dress is rather than displaying it publicly. It works better that way. While looking, though, I found a few pictures that would rival a 2015 outfit any day of the week. Get ready for cuteness.


At the All-Stars social on Tuesday night, a teenage girl showed up in short shorts pulled way up over her belly button and a swingy black crocheted crop-top. The opinion of the older couple standing right in front of me in line stood somewhere around TEENAGERS! with lots of huffing and sighing over the state of the world today, along with no wonder girls get comments, what does she expect, walking out of the house looking like that? and where are her parents?????? The straight lines of their mouths told me they thought--oh, no, they knew (yes, ma'am, they sure did) they were totally and completely right and also justified, and had she been walking toward them instead of away, they would have made their comments just a little bit louder so she could hear. Because obviously she needed to know. (I think they may have been Southern Baptists.) I couldn't help staring. (Not at the girl. The SOBs--stop. That's short for Southern Baptist, y'all.)  My mouth may have also been open.

Then I wondered if someone would have thought that about me and my pink dress? Hardly. Because it was very cute and fashionable. (Who says fashionable besides a 38 YO mother of two who can't wear her fashionable dress due to the size of her booty? Nobody.)

I guess something is only worth what someone will pay for it, no matter how wonderful the owner thinks it is. I predict hot pink dresses will make a strong comeback, in which case you better run on over to Goodwill and buy you one. (I would but I have a booty situation. Besides, overalls came back, didn't they? Which I rocked over and over again, thank you.)

that's me in the middle of my two besties in college
bonnie raitt--what

I hope I'm not one of those. You know who I'm talking about. The ones who still think their clothes are right in style--and they were, in 1983. All I'm saying is if it's time to give it up, tell me.

Have a great weekend:)

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