Friday, August 14, 2015

War Room

I recently heard about a new movie starring none other than bible study superhero Priscilla Shirer, and featuring that other bible study maven you may have heard of. (Hint: Beth Moore.) At first I wasn't too thrilled with the thought of the two of them making a foray into the world of Hollywood, if for no other reason than I couldn't imagine either of them being actresses. (Sorry. Truth.) I mean, really. I love Priscilla. I mostly love Beth, although her videos are a little lengthy these days and I have no patience to sit down for 90 minutes of Beth Moore. (Yes, I always get something good out of it. Twenty minute videos are also verra, verra impactful.) (I also want to have a career in speaking and writing like they do, and sometimes I might be a teeeeeensy bit jealous of what they've accomplished.) Anyways.

War Room. (Yes, from the creators of Courageous and Fireproof and Facing the Giants.)

That's the title of the movie.  I wasn't all that interested in seeing it. I kept thinking what could a movie with a name like War Room possibly have to offer that I would like?

But then somebody posted a link to the trailer on FB, and I was curious, so I watched. And then I cried just a little bit.

I need a war room.

Because those words are so familiar to me, but not because they came out of my mouth. Because they came out of the mouth of someone dearly beloved to me, someone I'd give the moon and stars to.

My daughter.

I was curious, so I watched.

On the outside I think I was pretty calm. But on the inside, I felt like holding my hands to my ears and screaming no. No, no, no, no. No. Not my daughter. I couldn't sleep last night because my brain was churning with mostly irrational, disjointed thoughts. It's my fault, I've been negligent, I've not done my job as a parent, I've not protected her. I've failed.

Basically, I was freaking out.

This movie is about the power of prayer. I pray. I don't always have a lot of faith when I pray, but I pray anyway, because the alternative offers no hope. But the question isn't really do you pray but rather do you believe that prayer is powerful and do you believe prayer is answered, because if you don't believe prayer is powerful or answered, then it's kind of pointless to pray. Or at least that's my perspective. Wednesday, I talked about the simplicity of believing Scripture, and it's the same with prayer. It's a pretty simple concept, and there isn't much gray area as far as I can tell. (Maybe there is? Someone with more knowledge than I would have to answer that question.)

Pray constantly.
{1 thessalonians 5:17}

And it's not about simply saying a prayer and being done, like so many of us offer but never follow through on. (I am the absolute worst which is why I don't offer to pray for people unless I really mean it. It is a real pet peeve of mine when people say "I'll pray for you and your family" or "we will keep you in our prayers" because it's a nice sentiment and all but that's about it. I know because I do it.)

You know what it is? It is making war. It means praying like you've never prayed before and believing in the answer. It means fighting to the last breath you take for the things you are praying about. It means believing with every last fiber of your being that this is worth everything, and not ever giving up. It means facing the biggest battles, the Goliath's of your life, with your meanest, most fierce weapon.


Make. War.

You already know who it is.

Prayer. To God. Of the universe.

We live in the bold confidence that God hears our voices 
when we ask for things that fit His plan. 
And if we have no doubt that He hears our voices, 
we can be assured that He moves in response to our call.
{1 john 5:14-15}

Because we do not have to sit back and let things happen, assuming that its the way things go. We don't have to watch as life passes by. We are warriors, made for battle, with an arsenal at our disposal.

I don't have a small room for taping up my prayers and yelling a significantly well-thought-out prayer worthy of a Hollywood movie. But I have a car, and I have a closet, and a bathroom, and a kitchen, and I can use any and every room to speak out and speak up, to say my prayers fervently and passionately (and out loud if I want, even though I'd probably wait til I was alone because my family already thinks I'm a little loony).

Prayer is powerful. Don't ever believe the lie that it's not enough, or you can't do it right, or it won't change anything. It can change EVERYTHING.

Lift your tear-filled eyes 
up to the sky...
Raise 'em up
Fist black and blue
Fight for the truth
It's what you do...
Raise 'em up
Tall and strong
Raise 'em up
Right from wrong
Raise 'em up.
{keith urban}

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