Wednesday, September 30, 2015


There was a break in the rain today, and it was long enough for me to see some actual sunshine, which has improved my mood greatly. I hope it has also improved the moods of My People, because we have been a bunch of moody kids with hormones lately. I think I must be especially sensitive to VitD, but then again, what am I not sensitive to.

I haven't had much time to myself this week, because sometimes weeks are just like that, and am trying to make it up today by doing Everything That Needs To Be Done in one hour, which is challenging when it seems like everything takes an hour. BUT if I time everything just right, maybe the toilet will get scrubbed. My grandma always wants to know why I get so uptight about cleaning. She has told me with the authority of a 91 YO (and also the memory of a 91 YO, which means I've heard this A LOT) that the dirt will always be there so why bother, especially when there are Other Things, like visiting her. I explain to her that I like people and don't want them to be scared to use the guest bathroom because dirt and spiders and toilet rings have taken up residence. She doesn't buy it.

You know what else she doesn't buy? That I sometimes have self-doubt, because to her, I am, like, The Best at Everything Ever In The History of Things. Every time I visit her she thinks I look not just pretty but actually The Most Stunning.

Grandma, I tell her, you need to have your eyes checked in a bad kind of way. And anyways you're supposed to think that because you are Grandma. But thanks.

But nothin', I only tell tha truth, she will retort.  Sometimes she has an attitude and is a little bit sassy. This is a side of Grandma I'm not familiar with, especially when she starts talking about how she shouldn't always have to cover up to answer the door. EVERYBODY INCLUDING GISELE SHOULD COVER UP WHEN THEY ANSWER THE DOOR, GRANDMA.

Somehow the girls I know, myself included, have gotten the impression that deflecting a compliment or being self-deprecating is the way we should behave, because showing appreciation for one's own talents or gifts is seen as prideful or boastful. And nobody likes a boastful, arrogant person.

Self-confidence aside, wouldn't it be nice to just take a compliment and appreciate the kindness rather than immediately dismissing it as false? I know, there are fake people everywhere. But when your Grandma says you're pretty, I'd say that's a genuine, 100% true compliment. I know I am beautiful in my Grandma's eyes, and I bet you are, too. But even more importantly, we are each made with such care and consideration that to immediately dismiss ourselves as less than because we aren't Christy Brinkley is sad. (Someone once--and only one time--said I reminded them of Christy Brinkley. I'll hold onto that forever, even if it isn't even remotely close to the truth. Oh, never mind, I just remembered what I have been talking about. Don't worry. At the time, I just said "thanks" with about five exclamation points and skipped onto the bus. That compliment has lasted a long time, too.)

Embrace yourself, flaws and all. We are better role models for younger generations who think they have to be plastic to be pretty when we do, and we are happier, too.

God has given you one face
and you make yourself another.

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